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    my bro just asked me "how do i learn to make a car move in flash"
    i was like umm just do the tution thingys in mx and then u would get a idea...he reckons he did but didnt understand it...
    is there any good websites or books that could support him in his learning of how 2 use macromedia...
    i think its for his assignment thats come in parts...
    make a flash pic, then some other stuff and compile together end of term 3 or something into a website i not sure...

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    Type dreamweaver or flash tutorials into google & spend the rest of the day sorting them out. (there are '000's)

    My favourites are:

    There are also a couple of good forums around.
    Find me here:

    Others are:

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    MX also comes with a great built in tutorial for beginners.
    Sorry about a couple of those links above.
    Copy & paste them without the garbage & they'll work

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