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    Now that Compaq and H.P have amalgamated which of the two are the better, or the dominant? Is Compaq selling off cheapies before changing to the H.P. lable.
    I have a 4 year old Compaq which has served me well. Now, through no other reason than to have the label - I saw a Compaq Presario 3100am which has all goodies plus at half the price Should i be tempted?
    My oldie is a Pentium 2

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    Posting the System Spec's and Price here would help us let you know if its worth the buy or not.

    HP Certainly seem to be coming out on top as the 'main' of the two, however Compaq dont seem to be dying just yet.

    All I know is the websites can be quite a mess in certain areas

    Hope this helps



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    Support NZ buy a PC Company PC.

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    Susan B

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    > Support NZ buy a PC Company PC.


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    My 2 cents worth, don't buy either buy a dell!!!

    I'm a Geek for a major media company, we have over 1200 PC nation wide, we have recently started purchasing both HP and Compaq pcs after years of buying just dell and the out of the box failure rate has almost doubled. Dell also offer better after sale support.

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    Don't buy compaq whatever you do, whatever the price they throw at you...

    Apparently they rig their systems so that only compaq parts will work in them (compaq ram, cdrom, etc) So you have to keep buying from them if you want to upgrade.

    Besides they are slow as hell.

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    No PoWa, they dont.

    I used to work for a Cyber Cafe who also did computer sales.. Guess what - They sold Compaq's.

    To be honest they canbe very reliable machines. They do not rig them as you might say, and trust me, Ive done many upgrades for the PC's within the shop, and others for the clients!

    Dell PC's are good, and they have god support should something go wrong, but they cost more.. and if you're after a cheap PC that will still last, then I might suggest you build your own.

    Not only will it be cheaper, but you will have a good learning experience with PC which may just put you off buying a PC every again, rather you build them yourself!

    The PC Company provided the PC's that we used at the Microsoft/PC Company stand at ICE, and they were good PC's! They performed fine in games such as RalliSport Challenge at the games Max res. These were not their most expensive PC's by any means, but I still believe they did a good job, and apart from before we updated the nVidia Detonators, and Direct X 9, we didnt manage to crash the OS the whole weekend.

    That's my two cents worth for the morning :-)



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    Thanks very much for your help.
    I have had my Compaq for four years and it does me well. $4000 The one i am looking at is $ 1800. but it has a amd Athlon xp processor with QuantiSpeed what ever that is?
    The oldie is still running well
    regards backstage

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    I have owned both compaq and H.P computers, and there wasnt much difference between the two really. Both machines where reliable, and the only problems I ever had where of my own making.

    Compaq seemed to be happier accepting upgrades to ram etc. while the H.P. computer was very specific and tended to accept only products made for H.P

    good luck,


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