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    Default A good eBook viewer?

    Im needing a good eBook viewer that is compatible with all forms of the .DOC format because TomeRaider & CSpotRun only support a few of the books ive downloaded.


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    Default Re: A good eBook viewer?

    Im sure that WinXP comes with one, if you check under Windows Update...

    If you're running WinXP that is ;-)

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    Default Re: A good eBook viewer?

    I use ZINIO a free download.......Go to GOOGLE at put in the word ZINIO and a free download should be available,
    I use it for the digital version of P C WORLD and it is the cheapest computer magazine available
    At first it takes a little getting used to but yesterday I DOWNLOADED the JUNE AMERICAN P C WORLD.....
    HOWEVER I still prefer the visual in hand MAGAZINES.....especially the N Z version.....

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    Default Re: A good eBook viewer?

    eh... for palm OS? (im running 4.1 on a Zire)

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