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    Default MPeg 1 Player Download for Linux wanted

    Ive got RedHat 8, and things arent looking too bright for playing MPeg1 files.

    Ive downloaded MTV, but I cant really afford to pay for it right now.
    MTV Worked great, first time off - No Fuss!

    Xine wants a ton of packages, so does VideoLAN, SMPEG, and there is another I downloaded.. forgotten the name now though

    Anyway, Im after something similar to MTV that works really well and quick with little or (in MPegTV's case) no dependancies.

    Ive done a pretty standard install with GNOME if it helps?

    Any recommendations?

    Ive had a bit of a look thru and a few other places.. Im at google right now, but I have no idea how likely these are to work?



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    Default Re: MPeg 1 Player Download for Linux wanted

    I'm heard a few people talking about mplayer in other places. Not sure where it can be got from though.

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    Default Re: MPeg 1 Player Download for Linux wanted

    Ah yeah - That was the name of the other one I tried...

    Ive got Xine installed now.. just no sound at all.

    I try typing:
    # xine --help
    As the man pages suggest, and it shows that the only output I can use is null.

    I HAVE had it working before on this PC (Long time back.. ) And I dunno how I got it to work, but to run it I had to type:
    # xine -A oss
    which would specify the oss driver.
    When I last had that going, oss would show up along side null when I typed
    # xine --hepl
    Sooo.. If anybody knows how to get oss going with Xine, that'd be great!
    Ive tried installing ALSA and no joy there...

    The really sad thing is MTV worked fine right outa the rpm, why does nothing else do that?



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