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Thread: Full HD again

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    Default Full HD again

    Hi guys - hope you can help me again.
    My HP 720a is again running out of both memory and space - a while ago I deleted about 630m of wbk* files from Temp.Int.files\Content IE5 - as I use IE6 - didn't thing it would be a problem - and has been going ok except it will no longer do a restart or full shutdown.
    Last night I set it to scandisk - and got up to find that it hadn't done it to two reasons 1: "Not enough memory" and 2: "Not enough disk space".
    The low disk space icon was on the toolbar - but when I clicked on it to start cleandisk - it couldn't find it.
    After a reboot I went to delete any wbk* files that I could find - only a small amount found (about 2.5m) - so its not them come back.
    "C" partition is down to 40m free and dropping - any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Capt Jimbo

    Default Re: Full HD again

    A couple of things you can check:
    Do a complete virus scan (all files)

    System restore (depending on your operating system) can hog a surprisingly large amount of disk space.
    Try rebooting with system restore turned off.
    (Make sure you turn it on again afterwards.)

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    Default Re: Full HD again

    I have the latest AVG which updates and scans every second day - and I also have sygate which also updates and scans about every three days
    The PC came with XP which was removed, reformatted into Fat32 and loaded with ME - so I don't think there is a system restore function.
    But I have been mistaken before

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    Capt Jimbo

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    ME does have a system restore
    To disable:
    Right click on "My Computer"
    Properties/??? (Memory is a little fuzzy at this point)
    Behind one of the buttons is a troubleshooting option that has a tick box for System Restore.
    Sorry about the unclear directions but I'm at work and can't work through the steps.

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    Default Re: Full HD again

    Thanks - I'm at work too - so can't action any help until later - it would be nice to find whatever is filling all the space - its a 60g HD partitioned into 12 5g - "c" only has ME and a few little programs eg: AVG, spybot, and other "helpful" software

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    Iain Walmsley

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    > 60g HD partitioned into 12 5g

    12 partitions? Out of sheer curiosity what could you possibly want 12 partitions on a (home?) computer?


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    Default Re: Full HD again

    It was a number suggested by a friend when I was re-formatting it.
    Four of them are shared over "our" network and are for games, music, pictures etc.
    Other two are for my wife to use as extra space for her "little" pc - they have things like "Director" and "Photoshop" etc.
    One has Office 2000 and a few other programs.
    One is the "C" drive.
    That leaves four as yet unused - but they will eventually be game drives.
    It also makes it a lot quicker to do either a scan or defrag

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    Default Re: Full HD again

    I think that will be your problem. 12 partitions is completely overkill. I would hate to have that many drive letters to deal with. Most people only need the one (have two, one for programs the other for data).

    A lot of (most) windows apps will still install files on C:, even when they are installed somewhere else.

    I would strongly recommend repartitioning back to one (two max). Partition magic may be able to handle it if you don't want to reinstall.

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    Default Re: Full HD again

    Wouldn't two 30g drives take too long to scan etc?

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    Default Re: Full HD again

    12 Partitions maybe overkill but it's also acceptable if this is your method of organising files, Installing programs to other Partitions installs the latter there, the other files you say that are installed to C: are because some files have to be installed in the System drive since it's system related. You can install an OS on D: but because C: is the boot drive the boot files will be installed to C: it's how it works.

    You should look into backing up files onto CD or buying a new hard drive. I've got 2x40gig drives that I had partitioned for specific files/programs that it got too messy when my downloads partition got full and I had to find other space for them to go. I now only use the 1 partition per drive, as I can organise files/programs based on folders they go into now without worrying about space, as if the drive gets full then it's time to get a new hard drive and not worry about finding things to delete.

    The reason I use to partition drives is that it was a computer ritual for me to screw up my OS and have to format. I have stopped this ritual as it's never been needed now, so I feel I am taking a risk by storing everything on the one partition but regular backups are in place for important files.

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