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    Ron Bakker

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    I have been fiddling with my network settings & now on startup it's asking for a network password, which I don't like.???

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    thats should be ok. is that the network logon screen u talking about?

    login with username and password. therefore u can use the window utilities. when u tried to share a drive oor printer etc.. use that login and password.

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    You need to set the logon to using "Windows Logon" under Network settings.

    Control Panel-Network

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    err... this is assuming that you're not on a network which requires you to log on. Also assuming that this is a private network run by you.

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    Graham L

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    There's a way to get rid of that. I think you just click in the password field, and just hit <Enter>, to make it a "nul" password, which tells it to go away and not bother you again.

    Doubtless I will be corrected. :O

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    yep do that at windows logon. press enter with a blank password and it should go away

    if u see network logon dialogue box. use "somebody's advice" and change it back to windows logon.

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    Ron Bakker

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    Cool now all I have to do is kick my son of the grunt machine(where I had this problem)as I am comunicating on the laptop.
    Thanks guys.

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