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    Default Win ME difficulties

    Firstly I am SO annoyed, tried using spell check on a long post and lost the lot. Certainly not the first time this has happened - just WISH SOMEONE could sort out this never ending problem. One does not expect this on a site such as PressF1, a computer help site. Bruce/Robo and others, hope you read this.

    Well...... One day after posting that we had a spare machine that I would like to use to try out Linux and a main computer throws a hissy fit.

    The faulty machine is 775Mhz, Tyan Trinity K7, 8.5 Mb HDD 256 RAM and a 16 Mb TNT (?) vid card.

    The machine, which is ME based, boots to the Windows ME splash screen and the following black with white text . The last line on this screen is Use Control - Alt -Delete to reboot. But this is a never ending loop as we always end up rebooting.

    Using safe mode I note that the file system is using DOS compatability mode. Remarking out all lines in both the config.sys and autoexec.bat files made no difference as the help suggested a problem associated with a file/driver.

    The supplied recovery disk does not work, but probably due to a replaced motherboard and therefore a different BIOS.

    Safe mode, which does nothing to help, shows the contents of the HDD so at least the files are still present.

    Using a ME boot floppy does not achieve anything either. While in DOS, considered using fdisk /mbr but chickened out.

    Where to next please. NO spell check follows :-)

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    Default Re: Win ME difficulties

    While running in safe mode, I notice that bootlog.txt shows that all fonts have a Load Failure rating and an error code of 0016.

    Plugged that into Goggle and there were hits, but none that explained what to do in easy steps or steps that I could understand.

    Perhaps an op sys reload?

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Win ME difficulties

    Try a scandisk from DOS. I suspect that you might have some missing files ... and therefore some major disk problems. :_(

    Reloading seems like a good idea, but I suppose that what you have got to do that is the repair CD, which doesn't work :_|

    Put Linux on it

    Your speeling seems OK ... I never use spelling checkers (or even chequers) myself. Odd typing errors don't worry anyone. Some people's strange variant spellings are, I fear, deliberate. B-)

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    Default Re: Win ME difficulties

    Gidday Graham L, well scandisk found nothing wrong. May as well wipe the HDD clean by removing the partition, reformat and re-install.

    Probably quicker in the long run and if it does not work then....well I will tie it to the towbar, like a dog on a lead and take it for a 'stroll' round some of our gravel roads.

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    Default Re: Win ME difficulties

    > well I will tie it to the towbar, like a
    > dog on a lead and take it for a 'stroll' round some
    > of our gravel roads.

    Ladies and Gentlemen we have a new contender:

    Worst. Simile. Ever.

    Animal cruelty isn't funny, regardless of the light it was intended in.

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