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    Ron Bakker

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    I'm just familarising myself with network cards.Just to get this straight does 100 mega bits= 100000000 which divided by eight =12500000 bytes which divided a thousand is a mega byte, wait I think that's not quite right is it because isn't there 10024 bytes to a megabyte.
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    Graham L

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    The unit of speed for Ethernet is MHz: megahertz, "millions of cycles/second". The same megahertz that are used for FM radio stations, and microwave ovens (2450 MHz in that case). The megas are the 10^6 ones, not the computer 2^20 megas. Confusing, isn't it?

    The clock frequency of the ethernet does not directly translate to bytes/second, because the rate depends on the packet size, because of the overhead of the protocol.

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    I think it's

    byte = 8 bits
    kb =1024 bytes
    mb = 1024 kb
    gb = 1024 mb

    there was a formula to work it out... involving 2 to the power of..... something

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    oops... didn't read the question properly

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