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    Default Start Up Error Message

    My desktop keeps providing the following error message pops up in a window when ever I reboot or start up the PC:

    "Error Starting Programme
    A required .DLL file, IDSTRAFFICPIPE.DLL was not found"

    I don't know what has caused it or what effect it is having but if you click on "OK" and ignore it it seems to be OK. Does anyone know how to fix it or what has caused this?

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    Jen C

    Default Re: Start Up Error Message

    What sort of firewall are you running on your PC? Also, what operating system?

    IDSTRAFFICPIPE.DLL suggests it is associated with a firewall or some other internet security device.

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    Default Re: Start Up Error Message

    I was using Zone Alarm. Went to try out some other firewalls and thought I had uninstalled Zone Alarm then tried out demo versions of other firewalls. Currently don't have one as it will not let me install a new firewall - or even reinstall Zone Alarm.

    I have Windows Me

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Start Up Error Message

    Okay then:
    Click Start > Run
    Type "MSCONFIG" (without the quote marks)
    Click on the "Startup" Tab
    Remove any programs you don't want running at startup including ZoneAlarm
    Click Okay
    A reboot will be necessary after this
    On reboot you get a nice little screen "You are running windows on selective startup/diagnostic mode... etc" Just put a tick in the box and click Okay, you don't see this screen again and the problem is gone!


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    Jen C

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    As you have been trying out other firewalls and then uninstalling them, it sounds like some scraps have been left over. This may be the cause of your start up error and the fact you cannot install a new firewall now.

    Download and run a registry cleaner from this site. Get either the Powertools (larger file size) or the Regcleaner. Please read the help me files first.

    Let us know if this helps (or not).


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    Default Re: Start Up Error Message

    Thanks this seems to have worked out sweet!

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