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    I eventually got around to downloading open office...and its a brilliant peice of software...
    but its taking up space on my hdd....and i wanna know is it worth having, as i also have microsoft office xp on my it possible to have it on a cd that i can actually run the program off the cd when i use it sometimes...without having to install it on my hdd...

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    it should give you that option when you install it, it depends on how much it writes itself into the registry, you may be able to copy its program directory onto a cd and find the executable to run it and create a shortcut to it on your desktop or start menu
    try copying the programe folder for it to a different location on your hard drive and run the executable then, if the program works then you will be able to run it from a CD

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    Susan B

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    If it were me I would be wanting to use MS Office XP to get my money's worth out of it since it is not cheap.

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    I usually have both installed. I'd probably stick to if it wasn't for the few people that insist on sending stuff in a .doc instead of using the much more version friendly rtf format.

    Also doesn't have Access support.

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    If I had to pick one, I would agree with susan.

    But OO isn't exactly huge. You could try removing any parts your not using. And if you did the same with office you would save more space than OO uses total.

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