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    I've been trying out Opera recently and LOVE the ease with which one can check email for all identities. (OE is such a longwinded drag in this respect.) I must have mail for each identity kept separate and opening in its own window.

    However I would prefer something which more easily enables formatting of email, replies and forwarded messages 'on the wing', so to speak.

    I liked Pocomail but it seemed to open mail for all identites into one window.

    Is there anyone out there with advice on other options to look at which would provide these features?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Judith Harper

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    Im pretty sure NeoPlanet from can do that.. Its built on IE, so have it up2date, but it was nice last time I used it..

    Im happy with Outlook Express and Phoenix (Firebird) for now :-)

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    I'd be inclined to have a look at Mozilla Mail if I was you. I find it very good and seems to handle multiple accounts fine.

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    Susan B

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    Eudora is a good email alternative to Outlook Express and will do what you want but it cannot handle Hotmail emails like OE can. That is no problem for me, I just fire up OE once a day to check them and use Eudora for the rest.

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