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    Default Printer won't print any more:- (

    I have had the same printer (epsom stylus 580) for a couple of years, and it has been printing out quite nicely but now whenever I try to print the problem box shoots up and says "epispm30" preformed an illegal operation and has been shut down.....

    This happens when I try to print with excel, word or adobe....

    I tried deleting the drivers and reinstalling them but same thing happened!

    By the way I can still print out the diagnostic test to see if the print nozzles are clear... so it definitely seems to be software....

    I just defraged my hard drive for the first time in 2 years... could this be the problem :P

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    Default Re: Printer won't print any more:- (

    What Operating System are you using Rod ?

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    Default Re: Printer won't print any more:- (

    sorry should have said windows 98 SE

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    Default Re: Printer won't print any more:- (

    u said delete drivers...did u delete manually or did u do the "proper" uninstalling process...

    i had the same problem but i am using winxp with a HP was doing that alot...and i just reinstalled drivers and uninstalled and reinstalled and tried printing and eventually it worked...

    try installing drivers and if it does it again..check the website of printer and maybe download a updated driver or check faqs or support for some help?

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