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    Back in March I posted a query about my modem speaker which I could not silence after upgrading to XP. Seems the driver availiable for the GenericSoftK56 modem does not support the modem speaker on/off function.

    Many suggestions were offered, but finaly I tried yours - get a 3.5mm plug and insert it into the output socket on the modem card.

    Thought you'd like to know that I now have a silent modem. Many thanks. :-)

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    If PressF1 was giving out prizes, I'd definitely vote for you to get it. That's just a brilliant method to "when all else fails". It's much better than snipping the wires to the speaker on the modem. I'm impressed!

    Your idea is now in my memory banks to fix all the "when all else fails methods"

    Maybe there should be an "all else fails method" FAQ, I'd suggest throwing it out the window would have to be the last thing though.

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    There is a modem driver that works with the Conexant and stops the noise.

    Right click the modem in device manager .
    Update driver
    Select - install from list - don't search etc - select modem -
    Generic - fujitsu LB RWModem V9056K E

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    Damn, that 3.5mm plug cost me $1.60 yesterday - the guy at Dick Smith tried to sell me a much fancier one too!

    The Fujitsu driver works just fine. Very many thanks.

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    Not a Problem.. glad to have sorted it out with a slightly more elegant solution ;-)

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