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    Default Autoplay won't work properly on win XP pro

    Hi guys, could you please help me

    I am using Win XP Pro SP1

    I have this kind of strange problem, when I first insert the cd on my DVD Drive, the autoplay works fine on the 1st time, but if i take out the cd and insert any cd into the drive, i have to wait at least 30 seeconds in order for the autoplay to come again.. I know i have some problem with this, because my dad using windows xp home edition, his computer autoplay works fine...

    Any suggestion, it will be much appreciated

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    Default Re: Autoplay won't work properly on win XP pro

    my xph takes 20 sec all the time, which is pretty annoying, but I thought it was 'normal'
    how long does your's take first time?

    and you could try refreshing the screen (f5) inbetween cd inserts to see if thst helps


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