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    I'm looking for my first laptop - could someone please give me some advice as to what brands and models I should look at.
    Here's what I'm looking for:
    - I need to be able to use Microsoft Word
    - need to be able to store text on to CD rom or disc
    - fairly lightweight (no more than 3kg) but durable
    - From May I'm going to live/work in London for 12 months, so I'd need international warranty and a brand which is well known and easy to repair in the UK
    - am I better to wait and buy a laptop in over there? - reluctant to buy one in London because it's so expensive over there.
    - if you can reccommend a brand and model in NZ, what is a good shop to buy it from in Auckland?
    Advice on this is much appreciated!

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    ok a good brand is compaq, dell, ibm...
    ms word = buy it in a shop. software is sold separately.
    store text in a cd = get a model with a cd writer
    no more than 3kgs = no sweat.... v conventional.

    i have a ibm bought from usa when i visited canada. had a 3yr intl warranty ibm has never failed me once. had a change of hard drive just after 1yr, same time a stiff door on cd-rom, the RAM swap and now 2.5yr since bought servicing of the nettwork card. its currently in auckland for surgery, i sent tuesday hope to get back on monday. ifs its a part exchange like the above except hte lan card - was a 24hr courier swap. prices arn't bad. there are cheaper ones like acer, asus but reliability is a queistion.

    intl warranty has been great wif ibm.

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    Contrary to rayonline's advice, try to get the software supplied when you buy the computer. It can then be an OEM package (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and will cost significantly less.

    As an indication, MS Office XP Pro, and MS Publisher cost around $2,000 total when purchased "in a shop", while they cost around $600 total when supplied with the PC.

    Limitations are that they are licenced for use only with that PC, which is not a limitation as thats where you want to use them.

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    Toshiba,Toshiba, and Toshiba.
    Those are the 3 brands I would choose.

    Also get all the software as OEM package.
    Price is better , and may be easier for warranty issues.


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    yes OEM version is good. cheaper. i have always bought the laptop overseas, doh have desktop. academic version is nice in shops.... that's why i have never bought oem s/w before.

    if u only want ms word and not the whole office. do a price comparision. not all shops will sell u oem ms word only. normally they do office suite or the small business suite as a set vs.. just word. jus word may be cheaper alone in the shops. not sure - so check.

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    If you get MS Works Suite, it has the full version of Word 2002.

    If you use an Academic or Teachers and Students Version of software for commercial purposes, you are in breach of the licence agreement.

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    I was thinking of getting an acer, as it seems to be the cheapest around, from wellington here .
    I've never had a laptop before either, so am interested in anyones comments on how good/crap it may be and it does seem to be better spec.ed than any others I've seen for the same price.

    It has the hardware you (and I) are looking at... but no software, infact even the oem OS (xph) is $189 more! don't know about office.


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    What if you were using a Teachers/Students version, but you were using it for home use (even if you aren't a teacher or a student)??

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