We have struck a problem with games completely freezing while being played.

Strangely enough it seems to be only Microsoft games that are doing it. Other games are working fine. We first noticed it on Microsoft Chaos Island Demo then on Age of Kings Demo.
We have since bought the full version of Age of Empires Expansion and have found the same problem.

The game seems to run normally for a few minutes and then freezes completely. You can't get back to the Windows screen and Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work either. The only fix is to turn the computer off.

I have tried reinstalling and updating all drivers for the video card, 3D card, and sound card without success.I have also reinstalled Direct X 7.0.

The Microsoft website is unhelpful.

I thought it might have been hardware related because in the last few months I have upped the RAM, put in a new PCI sound card and PCI modem, and added a 3D Voodoo 2 card.

System specs are IDT WinChip 2 3DNow 233, 4.3GB H/D; 64MB RAM; Windows 98;Creative Labs 3d Voodoo 2; S3 Virge video card; Asonic PCI sound card.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Darryl Lennane