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    Default where do .ocx files go?

    my dad and i are trying to get an online trading program going (it runs in IE) well i don't really know a lot about it, but it's active x. sometimes IE pops up with a box asking if i would like to download the runtime/plugin file, but even after that nothing seemed to happen, and the box where the chart is supposed to be displayed just has the little red cross in the corner. so what i did was log in on my dads laptop (where it works fine), actually download and save the cabinet file, take it to my computer and open it. it extracts one .ocx file, but where should i put it? i tried the internet explorer\plugins directory without a lot of luck. can anyone help us?

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    Default Re: where do .ocx files go?

    I have a feeling that you have to "install" it somehow. Is there any documentation with the .cab file? In "Properties"??

    C:\Windows\System32 is where I found the ocx files on my computer (winXP Home)

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    Default Re: where do .ocx files go?

    Can't you search for the exact same file on your dad's laptop, and find out where it is there?

    I had a feeling that .ocx files where like device drivers (but only for Windows 2000 or later), but, a search on my computer has them placed in many locations - C:\Program Files\Accessories ; C:\Program Files\Common Files ; C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office ; C:\Documents and Settings ; and C:\WINNT\system32

    I would take it then, that they are little bits that applications need.

    However, if you manually extract the file to the correct location, it may not necessarily work - some files need to be "registered" with the system etc.

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    Big John

    Default Re: where do .ocx files go?

    If you install a program with it's normal installer then the installer will usually take care of it.

    However they can go anywhere but you just have to make sure that you register them in the system using the program regsvr32.exe which is in the windows/system32 directory.

    For help use regsvr32.exe and it will pop up an error with the flags you can use

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    Default Re: where do .ocx files go?

    I've made a chat program which requires an OCX for when I complie it...
    The DLL has to be in the \Windows\System folder for Win9x/ME or in the \system32 folder for NT/2K/XP

    otherwise, they generally go in the related programs 'working directory'!

    Hope this helps



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