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    Default Win 98 startup freeze

    Hi, I have an annoying intermittent problem with my nearly 4 yr old pc. It is a PIII 450 MHz with 128 Mb ram, 8.4 Mb HD running Win 98SE. It has a Savage S3 graphics card and I use Windows Works Suite 99. The problem is for the last 3yrs it freezes on the Windows logo screen at start up about 50% of the time. If I reset, start in Safe Mode then do a restart it will always load correctly. The previous bootlog txt file will show that the fonts failed to load. I have checked the Windows site and sites for help such as deselecting programs in the start-up menu, disabling Norton Av and disabling the logo screen in Msdos.sys but nothing has worked. About 6 months ago I had to do a complete reformat and reload for other reasons but this problem persists. Apart from that I have no other problems running apps or games. I did see an article in an NZ PC magazine from a library about 2 yrs ago that described my problem and the solution had something to do with the fonts. Sadly I did not read the article properly before I took it back. Any ideas !

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    try a reinstall from another instalation cd you may have a corrupt version of 98 or try another graphics card Tweak ui can disable windows logo startup and optimise some settings

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    Could be worth a look here;en-us;q146904 Searched some sites and seems that the GDI.exe doesn't load but doesn't show up in the boot log and can flash quickly on the screen without you seeing it.

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    Hi Ross, Welcome to PF1

    I would suggest that you look into Super Rabbit Magic Set, from for startup troubles.

    Another Idea would be to delete all the fonts in the Fonts folder and copy all the ones from your Works Suite CD and try that.. Well, Actually, save them to a different folder rather than delete them, just in case things turn nasty and you need them back :-)



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