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    Default Has anyone done a Win ME/2000 dual boot???

    Has anyone done a Win Me / 2000 dual boot?????

    Is it easy??? Any problems????

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    Default Re: Has anyone done a Win ME/2000 dual boot???

    No problems as long as you follow a few guidelines - I have a classroom setup with 2 copies of Windows 2000, one of Windows 98 and one of RedHat 7.3 all on one drive.

    Best to install WinME first. Win ME must be on a primary partition (and I think 2k does too). So make two primary partitions and an extended partition for your logical (data) drives.

    You can choose to use a free boot loader like XOSL or just the NT loader. If you want to use the same data drive for both OSs it will need to be formatted in FAT32 not NTFS.

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    Default Re: Has anyone done a Win ME/2000 dual boot???

    I agree with JohnD.

    You can install both WinME and Win2K onto the same partition/HDD, but its a lot tidier and easier if you do a partition of the drive.

    XOSL is a good boot loader, but you're better off installing WinME first, and then installing Win2K afterwards and using Win2K's BootLoader :-)

    Hope this helps



    BTW - Win2K reads NTFS, but WinME cannot!

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