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    Default win 95 error message

    hi guys
    i recently recieved a computer from a friend who wants me to fix it for him. when i boot up the computer (with windows 95) two error messages come up.

    one: loadqm has preformed and illegal operation and will be shut down etc

    two: there was an internal error with one of the windows you were running. this program will be shut down. if the problem persists try restarting your computer.

    error message two occurs ramdomly and when i try to remove items from the start menu. i have run norton system works (installed on the computer) and have fixed the problems it found. but to no avail.

    the computer is a amd k5 166 mghz with 32 megs of ram running windows 95. (if there is any other info you need just ask and i will get it for you)

    please help.



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    Default Re: win 95 error message

    are you able to reload windows ? that sounds like the easiest option first off.

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    Default Re: win 95 error message


    i can reload windows but is there ne other way so i dont lose the info on the computer.


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    Default Re: win 95 error message

    Restart PC and go to a command prompt only (i.e. don't load windows)
    Then just rename the windows folder to oldwin
    Then reinstall windows making sure that, when it asks what directory to install to, is set to windows (not oldwin!)
    That will give you a fresh copy of windows without losing any data.
    You can then always go back to the old copy by booting to a command prompt and renaming windows to newwin then rename oldwin to windows and reboot.

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    Default Re: win 95 error message

    well before you go reinstalling windows i would clean out a few things out of start up. loadqm is not needed and removing it from startup will proberly fix that error message. regcleaner is very handy for this on win95 machines.

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    Default Re: win 95 error message

    reloading windows wont remove any files you have on there it will just lay another copy over the top, your data will still b ok

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    Default Re: win 95 error message

    sweet thanks guys i will try all of ur sugestions as soon as i can

    u all have been a real big help


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