Trying to be smart, I decided to eliminate Win 98 by reformatting C: (that was a bit of a drama too) and install XP on a clean partition. The installation went fine, but I seem to have managed to compromise the video driver. XP first installed the monitor (ViewSonic E651) as plug and play with a very primitive driver. I now have a screen with an irreducible centimetre of black at top and bottom, and 2 centimetres to the right. Fine on the left.

The adjustments on the monitor have no effect and are frozen in this position. A sortie into display/settings does not help either - resolution is set at 800 X 600 which is OK because thatís what I normally run at. The problem is the unwanted black border comprising the unused portion of the screen.

A search revealed that the video card is an Intel 82810E and so I downloaded the latest XP compatible driver from the Intel website and installed it with great expectations, rebooted, and Iím not further forward - the screen wonít budge - the monitor is still in mourning with its black borders!

Suggestions greatly appreciated.