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    Default #1 OT, #2 ICE Expo

    #1 whats with the OT that often appears in some subject lines?

    #2 Is anybody looking forward to going to the ICE Expo, am I in the dark? or am I mushroom?

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    OT - Off Topic, as in threads that usually don't have much to do with computing (which is what PF1 is about), but other members questions/comments on other topics

    2 - Yep, going to have to talk to my parents about that though as I have a really bad feeling it's in the second term of school... I was thinking of getting a group of my mates together and just going down for a day


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    #1, IC


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    Heck yes I'll be there!

    Im hoping to be assisting IDG with some things - Just have to get in contact with Kal...

    *writes a reminder to do it later on*

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