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    Default Network Driving Me Nuts! >_<

    Ok, here is what I did. I HAD (no longer) a Cisco Wirelesss 350 adapter in a laptop and desktop. They where networked. Then that stuffed up. I am getting that fixed but in the meantime, I got a $20 PCI ethernet card and cord. I then when to set up a network and it set up fine on the laptop but on the desktop it said it had an error. I then went to set it up again but it didn't work. So I thought "Stuff this" and reformatted my hard drive (Still on the desktop here). I then set up the net work, exactly the same as the laptop:

    Internet: Both computer have seperate internet connections

    Desktop: Name: James
    Discription: James's Computer
    Work group name: HOME

    Laptop: Name: Craig
    Discription: Craig's Computer
    WorkGroup: HOME

    Now, it DID show both computers in the owrkgroup but now the laptop has gone. And when I did show the laptop, I would click on it, it would send and send and send and then come p with somthing about network permission. I am sick and tired of this. Admittidly, I am a beginer but it is driving me insane! I want to be able to send and receive files from both computers. I kown the lan is working because I can play Half Life over it fine. Can some one give me a link or help me because I am going insane over this! >_<

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    Default Re: Network Driving Me Nuts! >_<

    Hi James,

    There could be a number of reasons for the computers not sharing. You need to enable sharing on a particular file or hard drive. Sharing a hard drive is definitely not a good idea. Another reason for not sharing could be if one of the PC's is running XP or 2K as these operating systems need to have sharing enable as well as an user ID that is the same on both PC's.

    Sharing can be enabled in "network properties" and the location for this is dependant on your OS. Once sharing is enabled you can then right click on the file that you wish to share and enable it from there.

    As Chilling mentioned in the FAQ's there is this How to for networking.

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    Babe Ruth

    Default Re: Network Driving Me Nuts! >_<


    For more help/info on windows networking see the following site World_of_Windows_Networking

    Cheers, Babe.

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    Default Re: Network Driving Me Nuts! >_<

    Actually, in Win2K and XP the hard drive is shared by default to any administrator account!

    Its dead useful too!

    I would suggest too that you login as the same user into both PC's (with Administrative rights). This leave's no permissions possiblities if you're sharing a folder with 'everybody'.

    Another thing, if you're running WinXP, disable the Simple File Sharing etc.

    Hope this helps


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