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    Default Changing Internet Explorer Icon on Desktop

    I am looking for a way of "masking" IE at the desktop. I just want other pc users in the office to not use my pc to surf the web. At the moment I have a password on the screensaver but this is not ideal. I just want to hide IE by renaming it and then changing the IE icon to another one.

    Note: right clicking the IE icon (even its shortcuts) would result to internet properties being displayed. I am using Windows ME and IE 6.

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    Jen C

    Default Re: Changing Internet Explorer Icon on Desktop

    You can hide the desktop IE icon with the program called TweakUI.

    However, anyone can still access the Internet Explorer program via the start menu even with the icon masked (or deleted).


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    Default Re: Changing Internet Explorer Icon on Desktop

    How about downloading AdIEFiltr - it allows you to password protect Internet Explorer, so that you can only use it if you have the password.

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