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    Default Generic or Personal

    By Generic I mean Brand name and for personal I mean what I choose...or you choose....
    I have a young friend of approaching 60 whose computer has died after 7 years ..and now he has asked the following....Presuming money is of no matter but performance and reliability are the key words what would be our PRESS F 1 computer.....Lets Start with
    HARD DRIVE.....oh yes he has opted for easy back up....would a person more computer literate than I am set out the parts categories...I looked in "SEARCH" for "generic" but nothing.........There is the question "If you spend to much and the technology advances which it inevitably will are your wasting money?"
    Please all who have the knowledge and those who think thy have and those who want to know like me but don't know a lot join in this exercise which I hope will be revealing and interesting......

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    Default Re: Generic or Personal

    Ok, money is of no object but we also need to be practible.

    I would go for a custom made generic one for a start.

    Hard drive would be at least 40gb, 20 seems to be about the minimum now anyway.

    CD Writer with Nero, nero is my preferred choice, might not be for others.

    Floppy A Drive of course.

    Mid Tower and if you live in a warm area consider the option of additional cooling fans as a safegaurd.

    Video Card, depending on what games are played for multimedia work is undertaken, if no gaming or older games, then a GF2 or 3 card would be more than ok, playing the latest games, consider a GF4 with its own ram, 64 minimum.

    Ram - personal choice, I would go for DDR ram and at least 512, if you were into multimedia work, I could suggest getting even more ram.

    Motherboards - I have no experience here but would suggest the fastest one you could afford which was available at the time.

    Monitor, 17" minimum but if gaming or multimedia, consider 19 or even 21. I use a 21 for my own media work, makes all the difference between that and 17.

    Software OS. WinXP is the latest out but if you were building you own and you liked the OS you had, you could stay with that, if you wanted to try a new OS, XP Pro would probably be the one to go with now.

    What have a missed................

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    Default Re: Generic or Personal


    This could be interesting!

    My first question would be:

    What are your friends NEEDS...

    What does he need, like a good quality Sound-Card as opposed to the standard Joe-Bloggs Onboard stuff?

    What will the PC be used for?

    Then we can start to play

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    Default Re: Generic or Personal

    Thanks to you both for your replies to date......
    Known interests and facts
    Has had only one eye for the last 50 years. ( related to screen size and type)
    Is interested in classical music and digital photography with a vast collection of family photos.
    Uses the computer for Accounting work and storage of records.
    Likes Scanning Family and friends photos.....with the provision for O C R.
    E-mail to family and friends all over the world...
    Interested in Genealogy and uses web sites world wide.....has genealogy records both text and photo dating back to 1750 circa.
    Enough for now.....but is it enough.....!

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    Default Re: Generic or Personal

    Okay, here's my suggestions:

    Classical Music/Digital Photography = You're gonna want something of high-quality.
    I would suggest that my SB!Live 5.1 Channel Surround Soundcard has been great, however, for approx. same price, I know that nz_liam bought one based on a slightly better chipset (Or so his research states) that also has a few extra ports/plugs.
    Digital Photography, Camera is not really my area of expertise, but a nice 19" monitor would do, possibly LCD, as they're down to around $600 in price (See the latest PCW Mag).
    I can agree that the nVidia GeForce is also good value-for-money, and if you're not terribly worried about having out-of-thi-world graphics on the most intense new games, then a GeForce 4 MX 440 would do just nicely.

    Depends on if you're going for Athlon or Pentium.
    I personally prefer AMD's Athlon XP Chipset, for use with Windows XP, it really rockets compared to my friends P4 Processors in SOME cases... not all mind you :-)

    Accounting and storage of record.. Scanning.. music.. digital photography... they all use the HDD so 40 gigs at least would be my recommendation, with HDD's being so cheap, you can pick up a 40 gig for about $160 if you goto the right place, sometimes less!

    And if you've got a 19" screen, might as well put it to good use with a DVD-ROM/CD-R/W.. or possibly even a DVD Writer for backups of all those precious family moments etc :-)

    Keyboard and mouse.. Go for the natural keyboard if its gonna be used for long periods at a time doing account/geneology research, the hands will thank you for it later on in life (;-)) and an Intelli-Eye mouse, perhaps even wireless for both (I dont know of any wireless Natural-keyboards to date thou).

    This is all assuming that your friend is not on the world tightest of budgets (As I was when building mine), but is prepared to spend a little extra $$ now for a little extra quality in the long run.

    Scanner/Printer - If you dont have one, I know that the HP range are quite good, and the combo scanner/printers are nice and easy to use :-)

    Of course, I garauntee there's gonna be a good 20 or so other computer configurations that totally differ from what Ive just said :-)

    This will be an interesting thread to watch ;-)



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    Default Re: Generic or Personal

    YES.....THANKS for the suggestions...I will pass them on but I hope these specs help many even if not able to afford all maybe parts will suffice.....for their special interest ....
    Personally I have always liked H P and think that although more expensive they last longer......although on reflection i am guessing...also what about the future of WIRELESS technology where appropriate and is WIRELESS any better..... Personally once again I get annoyed with all the present connections and if Wireless was the future and equally efficient i would embrace same...what about BLUETOOTH...where is it going.....

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    Default Re: Generic or Personal

    >perhaps even wireless for both (I dont know of any wireless Natural-keyboards to date thou).

    I don't know the make, not MS but here we can get a wireless based natural k.board with wireless mouse, only seen the one of this sort (natural)

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    Murray P

    Default Re: Generic or Personal


    I agree with most of the suggestions above except, the LCD monotor. If you want sharp images its going to cost a packet to get a top of the line LCD. CRT monitors are still, in general, better at displaying graphics $$ wise.

    Go with a good quality mother board- Asus, Gigabyte or Soltek are my recommendations in that order. If you want to do a little future proofing get a serial ATA board (may also need to purchase a SATA hard drive, good, unless the board is also parallal ATA capable ie, std HDD). Generaly the higher end boards will only have sound and perhaps Lan (network) onboard although, the Nforce boards (onboard graphics chipset) are very good. If you go that way make sure it has an AGP slot for future installation of a dedicated graphics/video card (look for 2x, 4x, 8x capabalility, inclusive or at least 4x, 8x)

    I too prefer AMD CPUs, DDR ram (512MB min) and at least 64MB graphics card. win 2000 pro or win xp.

    Sound card and good set of speakers, can't comment on brand/model.

    Check out the have an online computer builder (as do many online store) and


    Murray P

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    Default Re: Generic or Personal

    I understand there is something about Wireless technology in the current PC WORLD. NZ. I also believe there is a HP Printer which uses bluetooth too. Does anyone have one or know of any one using such here in N Z. who can make a user judgment..Any users of keyboards or mice either ........wireless.

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    Default Re: Generic or Personal

    > I too prefer AMD CPUs, DDR ram (512MB min) and at
    > least 64MB graphics card. win 2000 pro or win xp.

    Ah - After my heart... DDR-RAM is dead cheap at QMB (Mentioned website), and a GF4 MX 440 has 64MB RAM!

    Im personally for Win2K, as its become 'mature' (Like WinAmp 2.xx ;-)) but in the end - personaly preference and XP is cheaper... and easier to come by.

    I'd still say 2K though.

    > Sound card and good set of speakers, can't comment on
    > brand/model.

    Perhaps >>FFWD could help out... have a read through the latest on the speaker sets!

    I personally dis-like Shared AGP, as Ive got 64MB Shared and it runs worse than an 8 meg card I know of at work! I cant even get a steady Frame-rate at 640x480!

    Wireless.. Well, for networking they're great for short-range.. Like in one house...

    Wireless mice/keyboards - Ive got one of each and they can be the best thing since sliced bread if you're wanting a little freedom.. You'd be surprised how often you take it for granted when using Wired peripherals.

    Bluetooth? It hasnt been widely accepted enough, but like XML - Its coming in force, as people realise the potential it contains!

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