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    Default small office computer arrangement

    The church I belong to is in the process of building an administration block - ministers office and reception office. The disscussion has proceeded now to the computer requirements. It has been decided that a new computer but they are bulking at a second. (THey don't have any at the moment).
    The question is can you set up a computer with 2 monitors and 2 keyboards so one can be in one room and the other in the next and two people can work at the same time.
    If so what specs would we need to specify?


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    Default Re: small office computer arrangement

    Oh god... this is complicated.

    Two monitors is easy, but two keyboards... they'd almost be better off with one server and two client workstations that work off the server (I don't actually know much about this). You'd also need very, very long cables to go into the two different rooms. It's just not actually very practical, either, as you'd need quite a high end computer I believe, and that's only if you can actually do this.

    I think they'd be better off buying two computers and networking them with a crossover cable. I'm not sure what the official name for those are, it's something like CAT45.[pre]Hopes someone else will come in and clear this up[/pre]

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    Default Re: small office computer arrangement

    i agree with agent, it is too complex to do so, you'd most likely end up with 3 machines - a server and two terminals, which is completely overboard (not to mention EXPENSIVE) for your requirements (you'd want to go for a server - terminal setup when you start getting into the region of more than 10-20 pc's, but only really if the terminals were to be used for simple tasks like word processing, net browsing and email)

    I say just get a pair of normal desktop pc's and network them, the cabling is called cat5.. you were close agent you may have got it mixed with the technical name of the ethernet connector plugs/sockets - RJ45

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    Default Re: small office computer arrangement

    Your proposal is technically possible but not practical. These days it would cost more to set up a multi-user computer than to use 2 computers. I used to sell dual user systems like this for retail use, but they are no longer on the market. You will need to network 2 computers and this is pretty simple (total cost around $70) but if you want to contact me through my website - I do a lot of work for churches and may be able to help you out.

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    Default Re: small office computer arrangement

    The potential and actual problems will outweigh the perceived benefits.

    The path you are looking at has too many pitfalls to be of use.

    Evaluate the church's needs and requirements.

    Experience says unless careful planning and decision making is done at the beginning, the organisation will soon treat the computer(s) ae white elephants. Especially if the organisation has relied on a paper based system in the past.

    Recommended course of action:
    Engage a consultant once initial needs have been defined. The advice will far outweigh the consultant 's account.

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    Default Re: small office computer arrangement

    Buy 2 older PCs 2nd hand around 400 MHZ with a 20 gig HDD 128 ram etc or so is enough for most office applications total cost will be cheaper than one new PC

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    Graham L

    Default Re: small office computer arrangement

    Do they [b]need]/b] a computer (or computers) or do they want a computer?

    It is easy to connect 2 computers. Making the combination work is sometimes "interesting". Don't waste time thinking about "just adding another keyboard and monitor". These days, you add another computer, rather than a terminal (which is something more than a keyboard and monitor).

    You don't need the most expensive 3 GHz CPU and the latest, fanciest, video boards to do a database and wordprocessing.

    It is probably worth getting computer network cabling (using "Cat5e" cable) installed between the rooms. This will be cheaper while the walls are not lined.

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