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    Default New Drive Letter..

    Hi Again...

    I'm a bit puzzled about a new drive (E that has magically appeared under the My Computer Icon in addition to A: (Floppy), CComputer), D: (Everybody) (FCD/RW), and GCD-ROM) which physically exist.
    How can this be ? I have done plenty of backing up of My CD' s and old Tapes by burning as MP3 discs under Nero...Could this contribute to this new drive letter ?
    Not sure what to do about the new drive letter...


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    Default Re: New Drive Letter..

    Does the "drive" contain anything? i.e - can you explore the drive at all?

    What OS are you using? In XP you can single click a drive icon in your My Computer folder and it will show you the details of the drive on the left hand side under "details", such as what type of drive it is (floppy, network drive, local drive, removable disk).

    Also, have you added any USB devices such as a digital camera or memory stick? These will be allocated the next available drive letter and show as removable storage.

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    Default Re: New Drive Letter..

    What type is it?
    An actual HDD or a CD-ROM?

    It may be Nero ImageDrive

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    Default Re: New Drive Letter..


    It says it is a CD Rom disc (formerly I did have a E: drive, which is now the G: drive, after installing a CD/RW as the F: drive...


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    The Student

    Default Re: New Drive Letter..


    What is your O.S.?

    If your O.S. is either XP or 2000, you can change your CdRW\CD drive letters, to any other by using the Disk Managment tool.

    If this is the case, then this may affect how your programs work.

    Are you experiencing this at the moment also?

    If not, check under Device Manager and locate that 'Magically Appeared' icon and post the info back onto this forum, so that we can continue to help you....

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    Default Re: New Drive Letter..

    Most likely a "Virtual Drive" Probably was installed with some CD "replicating?" software. Virtual drives are used if someone takes an image of the CD and puts it on the hard drive, they can run the CD image from the hard drive. It is mean't to fool the software into thinking that the image is in a CD in a CD ROM.

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