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    Default No dial tone on "phone"

    I get no dial tone on my modem on the phone connection but get one on the line connection but this interferes with my land line phone ringer.I am running XP and have uninstalled and reinstalled my modem but XP can not find a modem and i have to install it manually.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: No dial tone on "phone"

    The "phone" connection is for plugging a telephone into. The modem must have the line plugged into the "line" socket to work.

    Does the modem stop the phone ringing? I'm not clear what the problem is. ;-)

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    Default Re: No dial tone on "phone"

    "Line" goes to line, and "phone" goes to a phone that can be used when the modem isn't hogging the line. The "phone" socket is disconnected on some modems when the computer has a connection with the line. Therefore you are unlikly to get dialtone from a line plugged into "phone" hole.


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