My system:
PII 266
96 Megs sd-ram
ABIT BX-6 mother board
I have a Mobile caddie cradle to back up hard drives to cd-rom (I have a writer)

Quite a few hard-drives have failed over the last 2 years.
(All new - so surly can't all be the drives ???)
It started before I got the ABIT board.

About a year ago a 2gig suddenly died - I was backing it up in my cradle.
I thought no more of it - hard drives die huh...

ok - this was the first one.
recently i borrowed a friends drive to get some files off and his died too...
Started to make the clicking of death...
(just like the first dead drive - once this happens you cannot access it....)

This drive also was about 2gigs.

(In between times I have 'backed up' many drives).

Now my 4gig main drive has caught this sickness / death.

also a drive that was connected as slave to this one complained of crook sectors...
(I have been able to re-format this drive though...)
It is a 600meg drive.

Now for the cruncher - I bought a 17gig segate drive and it too has died...
It kept loosing partition information It was partitioned as:
C: - 5 gig
D: - 1 gig
E: - 10 gig

although I can access drive c: most of the time - the 10 gig now has crook sectors - like at least 6 - maybe more.

To re-cap then
I have lost:
2 2gig drives
1 600 meg drive - although i have it running at the moment
1 17 gig drive
1 4 gig drive


this started happining before I replaced motherboard (which now has a bios flashed) - but still gives me errors on hard drives.

The only other thing common to all drives that I can see is the power supply - but my dealer says a power supply cant possibly give you crook sectors... ???

I am getting the 4-gig replaced as its still covered by warranty.
Also the 17-gig is getting replaced as it is 2 days new.
But what is causing this ???
I don't want to stick these drives back into my system without knowing / fixing problem.

I have run latest virus checkers - nortons and antivirus toolbox....

Some drives have rattled the death beat while others give me crook sectors or loose partition tables.

are all these problems related or are all these drives faulty ???

please help.