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    Default Dell Inspiron 8100

    Anyone with one of these? if so what are your experiences?

    I'm buying 2nd hand and the asking price is $2100, I consider this to be a fair price, what do you think?

    The specs are:

    P-IIIM 866 MHZ
    256 MB Ram
    15" Tft LCD
    Geforce 2 Go Graphics Card with 32M ram
    20G Hard Drive
    DVD-rom drive
    Internal Floppy Drive
    IEEE 1394 & 2 x USB Ports
    PCMCIA 10/100M network Card
    56K Internal Modem

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron 8100

    Honestly? If it was me, I wouldn't pay more than $1000. Why not have a look at and cruise through the computer/complete systems to get a guide.

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron 8100

    I might go as far as $1500.....

    the only thing that is going for the system you listed is the LCD screen.

    the hard drive is a bit small , the CPU a bit slow.

    depends on what you want it for, $1500 if you want a word processor.

    dont buy it if you want a top end gameing system.

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron 8100

    The previous posters may have missed the point that this is a laptop?

    Laptop prices have dropped significantly in the last 6 months or so.

    It therefore looks like a fairly high price, it will be a nice quality laptop but its a bit on the slow side when compared to under $3,000 new systems.

    For $2,600 or so you would be looking at a new system with double the speed.

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron 8100

    my fault, yes i did over look the fact that the system is a laptop.

    I know very little about the prices of laptops new or second hand so just dont take any notice to my last post about $1500 and all that.

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron 8100

    Good point Godfather!!!

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron 8100

    Sorry guys, my fault, I should have pointed out that it was a laptop.

    A bit more info.

    This laptop retailed for $4499 15 months ago.

    I have looked at buying new, but most in the $2500-$3000 range only have 128mb ram and a celeron processor, (From the research I have done, the mobile pentium III cpu's of lower MHz are faster than a higher MHz celeron and have a larger L1 cache).

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron 8100

    True, that would have been the price. But 15 months ago laptops did indeed command a significant premium over desktops. That premium seems to have eroded, and I suspect its the entry of "tablet" style notebooks.

    For instance an ASUS Notebook L2400E Cel 1.5 GHz would only need another 128 Meg of RAM to be more than equivalent, and RAM is cheap.
    The price should be under $2800 all up.

    Consider full warranty etc and the ratio of new to s/h is pretty low.
    Based on laptop prices keeping a similar depreciation ratio, with new laptops being very expensive, $2100 woul be the norm. But the real price of laptops has decreased, and the seller may not appreciate this

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