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    Default Hard Drive upgrade.

    I have a desktop P200 w/ 64MB. Fitted with a 1.2GB. I am now needing a HDD change. I do have a PIII laptop which is fine.

    I now considering the 7200RPM. ATA 100/133/150 or Serial ATA??

    Please advice.
    I use it for normal stuff as web, email, office, occasionally some games and DVD, photoshop, MP3 in the future as I am thinkin of upgrading the mobo' and cpu to like a 2.6GHZ at least - prob something faster by the time i actually choose to buy them. I understand by buying something faster now - the full potentail cannot be obtained until i get my new mobo' - i am not gonna buy a new ATA card. I would not be storing CDs on the HDD but play them on their own CDs.


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    Default Re: Hard Drive upgrade.

    First, an serial ATA drive is out because your motherboard will not be capable of using it. The ata100/133/150 IDE type will work OK but only at the speed your motherboard is capable of eg ATA33 or ATA66. Another thing to keep in mind is that your motherboard BIOS may have a restriction on the size meaning you normally have to divide the hard drive into partitions. To me, it would be better to buy a second drive off trade-me and get the large hard drive when you upgrade. Mainly because prices will come down for the same size drive over time and serial ATA may become a standard, and you will find IDE drives motherboards hard to get. Things change sooooo fast now.

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