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    I've just put together a computer and was going to use a 300W ps, but the saleman said that I needed to get one which with a greater wattage.

    The computer is an Athlon 2100 with 512 MB ram, 32MB Grphics Card, CDRW, 40GB HD.

    I had a look but couldn't see any wattage recomendations in the manuals for the parts.
    Now am I dreaming or have I just been upsold for no real reason?

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    300W PSU should be fine for that setup.

    Just need to watch it though if you decide to get a bigger faster better graphics card (Geforce 4 Ti etc) or another HDD, things like that.

    This site might be of interest to you and others:

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    Susan B

    Default Re: Power Supply Needed

    A 300W would have been sufficient with just the hardware that you have listed but bigger is always better if you add more hardware later. Just consider the PC "future-proofed". ;-) :-)

    Out of interest, what size PSU did you get?

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