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    I've been trying to download a copy of IE6 for two days but the short setup file just keeps saying that it can't download the required files and to make sure that I'm connected to the internet and try again later. Is IE6 that much in demand or am I doing something wrong? No trouble with other downloads. Thanks for any help...Ken.

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    just buy a copy of nz pc mag its on the disk and the $8.00 you pay for it more than makes up for time it would take to download or you could get a free xtra connect cd (free from any computer shop or ring and they will send) I.E 6 is on it. Much quicker and easier than a download.

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    It also means that should you not wish to install something (take NetMeeting for example) and then something happens, and you go 'Bugger.. I should've downloaded that', then you can just pop the CD into your drive, click add/remove programs > Internet Explorer > Add > Netmeeting, rather than having to spend your time downloading it.

    Also - most magazines have some interesting articles in them

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    Susan B

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    Buying a PC World magazine also shows your support for this wonderful forum. :-)

    Actually, I have had my money's worth out of those PCW disks. When I reformat the Win 98 computer it has a really old version of IE and I have to install version 4.x before 5.x can be installed. Thanks to my collection of PCW CDs the process is a breeze. :-)

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    Thanks for the replies folks...I checked out the disk that came with my latest copy of PC World and also the the "Whats on the disk" page in the mag but IE6 wasn't mentioned. I know, I should have ran the disk.
    By the way...I've had a bout of Win reinstalls of late and it sure would be good to have some sort of catalogue of at least the last 12 months disk content. Cheers...Ken.

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    There's a website by a PF1 member who has listed the contents of the PCWorld CD. Take a looksie here


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