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    Chris Knaggs

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    In Microsoft Excel are you able to change the cell numbers and letters that run across the top and side of your screen ie. change cell 'A' to 'Monday'?

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    Susan B

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    No, sorry, as far as I know you cannot change the cell numbers. They are crucial to the program's functions.

    You can, however, type in "Monday" in the first cell (A1), "Tuesday" in the next cell (B1), and so on.

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    Heather P

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    and to prevent the words being deleted you can use cell protection. Found under Tools, Protection.

    The only thing is, as I remember, the sheet is unlocked to start with. When you protect you lock all cells then unlock the ones that want changing. A bit strange when you want to lock specific cells and leave everything else unlocked but that's the way it is.

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