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    A quick question, I am finding that when we start the PC and go to log on to
    the internet, it pops up a error message with "no dial tone" and I check the
    plugs etc and everything is usually okay. I then reboot and try again and
    it usually works. The only thing is, I usually have to do this every single
    time and sometimes twice. Can one think of any reason why its not
    connecting the first time?

    Running winxp pro with sp1 and using a generic winmodem.

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    Jim B

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    You may need to install the correct drivers for your modem to work correctly on XP

    If you have call minder on your phone try clearing any messages before connecting with your modem.

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    Billy T

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    Another option:

    Right click your ISP icon and select general>configure. If there is a tick in the wait for dial tone box, try removing it. If it doen't help though, put it back before doing anything else.

    For all that, up-to-date drivers are a priority as Jim has suggested.


    Billy 8-{)

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