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    Default bios information on start up

    Is there a way to hide all bios information at windows xp load. Meaning the first information you see on screen when you boot is the windows xp splash screen. Is this possible?
    Thanks in advance (bios is American Megatrends Inc ver 07.00t).

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    Default Re: bios information on start up

    I don't have an AMI BIOS machine handy, but it will be in the BIOS setup.

    In Phoenix Bios its under the "Boot" section and its just "enable" or "disable" diagnostic info on boot.

    Look in your Bios to see, should be plain enough.

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    Default Re: bios information on start up

    some brand name pc's (eg hp,compaq) have what godfather suggested but most older pc's don't. theres no whay to hide it (thankfully). newer mobo's often have a bios splash screen that you can even put in your own pictures (provided you are not sqeemish at bios updateing).

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