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    I am new to publisher and would like to know 2 things. 1. do I really have to register before the 50 times are up or will it still run after that? and 2. Why are the file sizes so huge. I did an 8 page publication which had a lot of jpeg content and it was 58 MB. The same publication done in Word was 3mb. Any ideas please.

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    Graham L

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    I rather suspect it will stop working if you don't register it. ;-)

    Why are the files so big? Ever heard of the term "Feature Bloat"? That's why. ]

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    what on earth does that mean?

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    Publisher will probably be "uncompressing" the jpg files and failing to recompress them, while Word will be leaving them compressed.

    As an example a 250 kB jpeg can be 6,000 kB when uncompressed, even more depending on the level of compression used.

    Unless the jpg are correctly created for the versions of software, Word used to bloat the file size in a similar manner. Word XP seems to have fixed that (fingers crossed).

    Try converting the jpg files to png, tiff, etc using any image processing software to see if publisher likes that better.

    And yes, it will stop functioning if you don't register it.

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    Denise - my work won't fork out for Pagemaker so I'm battling on with Publisher, which is ok, but I've just done the annual report on it, lots of tiffs (some full page) and at 40 pages it's over 200 work machine has 512mb of ddr ram but still I'm running out, just with Pub going and the file open.
    But if you want to print high quality graphics you gotta have the high resolution pics to go with it.

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