Im just dying to get cable (Who isnt ;-)) but Im gonna be paying any extra charges.

We're currently on $24.95 a month for 250 hours, only I want CABLE!!!!!

So they said (When I get a full time job) "We can get it if you pay the extra charges over the 24.95 per month).

But Im pretty sure that with the major amount of surfing we do, that we'd get pretty darn close.

So, How close am I likely to get to, the 10 gig international limit, with us going online nightly running ICS on 3 PC's, downloading around 10 megs a night at least!!!

Would using the Ihug proxy work by saving on international traffic?
Im just not wanting to go over the limit in a hurry

How much do most people use?

Thanks guys - Im a real n00b for this subject