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    Default Installing a CPU

    I'm looking at replacing my amd 1600+ with a amd 2400+. I'd like to install it myself - I've done a bit of reading on it.
    Has anyone had any experience installing CPU's? Are their any potential problems I should be aware of?
    Thanks in advance.

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    One word static

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    Yes, Make sure your mobo can take it!!

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    Terry Porritt

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    Installing the cpu in a zif socket is dead easy, it's fitting the heatsink properly that can be more difficult. The spring clips exert quite a large force, so care is needed, and the motherboard must be taken out and laid on a flat surface to do this.
    Have a look here:

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    Be VERY careful using screwdrivers or other tools to try to make the heatsink fit. I had a friend who's screwdriver slipped, and smashed a hole in the motherboard.

    I don't think the motherboard worked again ever since.

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