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    Default Caps 2 uncaps


    I just realised.

    Win Xp is out.

    But you sTILL can't uncaps a set of text or caps a set of text without rewriting.


    Ps. Or can you?

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    Select the text and paste into Word (if you aren't already writing in it).
    Select the CAPS text and hit Shift+F3. If you hit Shift+F3 again it capatilises the first letters only and leaves the rest lower case. You can use this to CAPS text from lower case also.

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    Default Re: Caps 2 uncaps

    Microsoft word right?

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    Default Re: Caps 2 uncaps

    Yes I would think so.

    Since when do you do proper word processing with applications like Notepad or Wordpad supplied with the Operating system in Windows?

    WinXP is an operating system

    Office XP contains other useful tools like Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Frontpage for example.

    You may as well say that because I have an AMD XP2400+ ( Contains XP in the description ) that I should be able to do this.

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    Heather P

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    If you don't have a program such as Office it's still possible using html. Not something to do for a few words but if there's a lot it could be worth doing.

    Basically Open Notepad; Copy and paste in the following code; Copy and paste the text you want changing over the word TESTING; Save it somewhere suitable with a name such as change.htm; Open the file in Internet Explorer; highlight the text; copy and paste it back into the program you want it in.

    .change {text-transform: lowercase;}
    <p class="change">TESTING</p>

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    Wow Heather... I admire your patience. You went into the original problem far more than I did given limited information.

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    Heather P

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    It helps when you can write html in your sleep - and have come across text-transform and used it recently. Just had to reassemble it into an example.

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