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    I have a P3 733mz windows ME system with 2 monitors and a twin view graphics card, 20Ghz hard drive that is about 80% full. I am about to buy an upgrade swap box P4 2.4Ghz with 60Ghz hard drive. When I get the new system up and running how do I go about connecting the old box to the new one so I can transfer all my files over. Can I run the 2 systems in tandem? Any special hardware required? As I havent actually ordered my new system yet, and Im into new territory with this change over, has anyone got any tips about the hardware I should be aware of. Thanks in advance.

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    The easiest and quickest way I find when doing this is pull the Hard drive out of the old PC and plug it into the new one in place of the CD-ROM.
    Then boot into windows (or Linux ) and copy over data that you want.

    Other ways are to copy any data that you want onto a CDRW (that's if the old PC has a cd writer)
    Or put a network into each PC and connect together via a cross-over CAT5 cable and tranfer data over the network.
    Or get a laplink cable that plugs into your printer or COM ports (Slowest way)

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    Thank CyaBro,
    If I put network cards in both comps will I be able to work both comps with 1 keyboard and change between them without any problems

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    No you will need a KVM switch to do that ( i think thats the name of them) have a look at DSE

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    Thanks Guys. a bit wiser now I hope.

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