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    Default Updating windows ME

    Hi ! Can anyone Help me> I am having a problem updating windows ME.Everytime I try to update it just says scaning for updates and never changes.It will keep scaning for hours and does not seem to do find anything .This problem has gone on for some time so I am Behind on all updates critical and otherwise . Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    if anything its more than likely a problem with windows update itself. What you need to get first is the patch for updating windows update first ( ironic huh? ) which is usually don't when you for example left click ( in IE ) tools>windows update.

    I'm still looking for the download link for you sorry.... will update when I find it ( if I can ) and oh I hate dial-up!!!


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    damn! well microsoft seems to be in denial that windows update needs patching ( and I've seen windows download the v4 update for windows update more than a few times ) so for a piecemeal solution try these two.

    has general patches etc and ( for anyone else reading this its not just for windows me ) and critical update etc... and it seems it gets some content from MS themselves

    which is a good site for alternative patch infomation ( if you don't entirely trust MS ) and in some cases the patches etc you can download are smaller to download and do the same job as MS patches - why? beats me.

    maybe Juha or Jeff might have an idea?

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    Jen C

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    Have a look at Microsofts Windows Update Troubleshooter page. The "Manual Installation Instructions for Windows Updates Controls" may be of help. The "scanning for update freezing" issues also mentioned on that site, do not apply for Windows ME unfortunately.

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    The updater will pause if you are downloading other things such as music or the likes.
    It will only download quickily if all your doing is browsing.

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