Is it possible to fool Google's ranking system? I believe that they rank a site primarily on the number of other sites, of relevance, that link to a site. I know that in the old days it was possible to crook a site into a higher ranking, but I thought the technology used recently combatted these tricks effectively.

The reason I ask is because one of my customers is using a firm that somehow boosts it's rankings in most search engines, including Google, to the top 20 results. They claim to do this by monthly submitting some sort of broadcast, that fools the engine into thinking there are 6000 or sites linking to the site. Is this for real, do you think? The customer pays $70.00 per month for this 'service'!

Incidentally, when one does a search in Google for ******* in New Zealand, my customer's site comes up 6th in the list, which is really impressive. I'd really hate to advise the customer that they're being scammed, if in fact this service is actually bona fide.