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Thread: Spam Mail

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    I am currently using Mail Washer and for every e-mail I receive I also receive 20 spam mail messages and I am getting sick and tired of all the spam received to the point if it continues I feel like not using the net. Is there any software I can use that will eliminate this spam mail and is better and less work than mail washer that although it is a good program it takes time to clear all the spam one receives. Thanks Ron

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    if the spam have all the same address after the name@_________ then u can just put them on block and remove from server..through message tools in outlook express...

    but if they all various..then i cant help :-(

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    Jim B

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    If there was anything to stop spam everyone would be using it.
    Your best approach if spam is excessive is to change your email address, a simple procedure.
    Be careful where you leave your email address, if you have to supply an address on a website or mailing list use a disposable one such as a Hotmail address.
    Never reply to spam or ask to be removed as this will only generate more of the same.

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    What I have been doing with spam is emailing the site it is being hosted from by using (whatever being the same as their return address looking at the source) and getting them removed. In the subject put "Spam : No loss" and pasting the email from the source so that it includes the header info.
    I have had some good results doing this and if every one did it it could definately have an impact on spam.

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    As you already have Mailwasher, go to Tools/Options/Blacklist & Friends List. Under the Blacklist window click on Options and the Auto-delete.
    This eliminates all incoming messages which you have previously blacklisted or which meet the blacklist criteria in the program - without displaying them to you.

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    It occurs to me to ask the question why norrel is getting so much spam.

    I have been on the internet and email since the early 90s and get some some spam but not a lot. I've used the same email address all that time. I use the internet extensivly and the same with email. So I think there must be a reason for all norrel's spam.

    So probably the question is " what surfing habits bring in the most spam?"

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    I sympathise with norrol, some Spam is very difficult to eliminate. While it is true that much of it can be eliminated using rules and by blocking senders etc. with some Spam it simple does not work.

    Iím currently trying to rid myself of Spam that arrives at least once a day from a pornography site. The interesting thing about it is senderís address, subject and IP address changes each timeóso you need a new rule each day!

    Iím interested in mikebartnz suggestion and will give it a go. The problem is that Spam can be redirected so much that it is a very time consuming job to trace its real source. Usually when you complain to an ISP that has been used as a redirection point they just fob you off.
    OldEric is probably right too but who wants to stop doing what they enjoy on the Net? Not me.

    Cheers oldfart

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    Billy T

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    I agree with OldEric

    Without being critical of Norrel in any way, I have been using the same two email addresses for years and get virtually zero spam. Conversely, my son's email address (which he doesn't actually use because he doesn't have direct email access from his computer) gets heaps, most of which is offensive and is a legacy from the previous owner of his address. I was able to unsubscribe from some of the semi-legit sites but the rest are as active as ever and new spammers are added daily.

    Surfing habits are not the issue in my case so the difference is the ease with which his email address can be generated by one of those random address engines the spammers use.

    Assuming as we must that Norrel's surfing is not the issue, the answer lies in choosing a new address that is not easily generated by computer, and being very careful where you circulate it.


    Billy 8-{)

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    The other day I got a spam in my account. What was funny though was that it was only being sent to around 7 (going by the CC field) people.

    What was of more surprise was that I knew about 5 of them. I thought that was really weird and thought a mate must be trying to make a quick buck by selling off addresses. Then it clicked to me, something had trawled the RadiativeNZ site and got our addys.

    Also if you send any email to Megabyte Computers I think it is. I'm sure they forwarded some crappy spam like thing to me.

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    Whats wrong with spam? You never know what you will find out.

    And you can win prizes too and get loads of free stuff

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