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    Default Unsolicited HD maintenance

    Whilst doing some spreadsheet work in excel I noticed some unexpected HD activity taking place. This lasted for about a minute or so, but I could not work out where it was coming from, as the work I was doing was of an elementary nature. When it stopped I checked my system and found almost 1 GB of extra HD space had appeared. So I'm concluding that either windows has done some automatic/routine HD maintenance and cleared away a lot of temp files or the like, or else something more unpleasant may have occurred. Any ideas? I have windows ME and Norton Antivirus did not show up anything last time it did a full system scan only a few days ago.

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    Windows has what's called a "swap file" which is used to store dynamic information in memory when the computers RAM has been filled. The default setting for this file is for Windows to resize it as it needs it, so it's likely that the file was being reduced in size, thereby increasing your hd space.

    FYI, the file is usually called win386.swp on a Win9x system.

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    That could be it. Although 1 GB would seem rather large for a swap file. I'm pretty aware of how much free HD space I have, as it's usually not much, and I can't say I've noticed this happen before. The amount of free HD space I've had has been relatively constant for a while now, so what would have precipitated this event is a mystery to me.

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