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    Default Connecting, but no bananas!

    Just had a ex-boss of mine ring me up. She can connect to the net but can't seem to get any web pages. She constantly gets the 'Server is unavailable, please refresh or try again later.' I think most of you who know would know what this is!!
    Her ISP have said they have "no known problems" and then she did mention that there keeps appearing a message with something about 'IEXPLORE has caused an error....' she got fuzzy from there, but I would assume it had something to do with also giving a module number (? getting a little over my head, hence the 'post' )
    Any ideas?
    If more info is required I could most likely get all that happens transcribed!!

    To all those that know.......(?)

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Connecting, but no bananas!

    It's most likely that she has managed to have a wrong IP address for her ISPs DNS server. Get her to try the access a site by its IP address, rather than its name. Another cause I have seen is the "Use Proxy Server" being enabled.

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    Default Re: Connecting, but no bananas!

    Has she set her DNS settings as an inability to find a server is usually caused by this. Need to probably look in "Tools" - "Internet Options"- "Connections" - "Dial-up" or access the "Dial-up Connections" through the "Start" - "Settings" bit.

    From memory xtra automatically assigns DNS while some other providers (paradise for one) require the DNS settings to be entered.

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    Rod ger

    Default Re: Connecting, but no bananas!

    No DNS with my paradise connection!

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    Default Re: Connecting, but no bananas!

    But why would this 'suddenly' just happen?
    There are three users of the machine, I believe (her, husband and son), and only just recently I had to fix up her modem drivers because some one had downloaded a 'virtual' modem which kept wanting to log on to a porn site.
    I did wonder whether it may be something to do with her RAM!?!
    Perhaps I should get more details!!
    Watch this thread (please )

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    Default Re: Connecting, but no bananas!

    Should probably replied to this in my reply to Graham Ls help (above), but the settings should not have been altered at all. Is there a bug around that can do this? They're fairly paranoid and keep NAV up to date (well live update).

    She has just rung to say that she managed to get on to Xtras site and is in the process of downloading IE 5.5 as she's going to try re-installing it!
    I take it I can get these DNS settings from their ISPs site?

    Regards, again!

    PS Not entirely sure why re-installing IE will do it, but I'm no expert!!

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    Default Re: Connecting, but no bananas!


    The DNS set-up is part of the Dial-up networking set-up so I wouldn't imagine that downloading IE would do anything to that. DNS for xtra is dynamically set by the xtra server at log-on. From memory you just need to ensure that it has been ticked.

    If she has managed to access their site though it would appear that the problem has gone ?:|

    There was someone who posted a similar problem just a couple of days ago who possibly was an xtra customer as well. They suggested that he should update his browser to the latest release.

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    Jim B

    Default Re: Connecting, but no bananas!

    When the dialup connection is setup it sets server assigned DNS by default.
    There is no need to add DNS settings.

    There is something around which can cause these problems, it is called
    It can sometimes be seen in Control panels/Add remove programs but not always.

    Check also in Control panels/Network that there is only one Dialup Adapter and one TCP/IP multiples of these can cause problems.

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