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    Default Outlook Express 6 & Active Scripting

    Hello Again All,

    I have recently "upgraded" or "bloated" outlook express to version 6. Now the 'slide show' feature is on the Fritz.

    An error window pops up stating "an error has occured in the script in this page"

    It then goes on to list:

    line (276), character (1), error type (syntax error), code (0), URL (mhtml:mid://00000005/)

    and asks whether I want scripts to continue running on this page.

    Below where the picture file would normally be displayed it tells me active scripting has to be enabled for the slide show to work, and it explains how to enable.

    Heres the thing...

    I never un-enabled active scripting and I've checked and it is still enabled so whats me problem?

    Any help out there for this annoying little... well, you get my drift?

    Cheers and thanks


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    Susan B

    Default Re: Outlook Express 6 & Active Scripting

    I would say that your upgrade to OE6 has disabled the active scripting because this is a security risk. Malicious emails/viruses use this feature to do their dirty work on your computer and it is actually better to have it disabled.

    If you still want to enable it *I think* you need to go to Tools>Options>Security and change the setting to Internet Zone. If that is not the setting someone else will have more advice.

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