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    Default Video back up - most economical choice

    I use a Pinnacle DV500 video board and Adobe Premiere for video editing. The second 60Gb drive I bought a year ago is nearly full up and I need to back up somewhere. Does anyone have any advice on the most economical back up options? I'm drawn to an external hard drive array of some sort since a new big hard drive is very cheap compared to lots of burnable CDs or DVDs. Dick Smith has an external hard disk box that looks intriguing - can get in up to 4 new drives. Any advice gratefully received.

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    if $$$$ is no object then a hardware raid card running raid 5 with minimum 3 harddrives would give you heaps of storage, be quite fast, and have redunancy. (if one drive dies simply connect new one and the data will be rebuilt off the other 2 drives)

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