i know this aint computer related..but its still..technical..and u guys probably work around a fax machine at either home or work..so here i am :-)

Mum joined up with some new telephone company...i know nothing of it..but she asked me about pre-programmed area codes on the phone..coz if we ring someone/fax someone and we dial 06 before the number..it will be traced as a toll call...but we dont do that when ringing someone...but faxing..we used 2 but will stop now..and had to change some faxnumbers on quickdial..coz they had o6..for local (feilding/palmerston north)...and tried faxing someone to see if the 06 doesnt show up...and i resetted the quick dial to just be 323**** instead of 06323**** but when we send the fax it shows up 64 6 323****...so how do i stop it doing that..or doesnt that matter..it just does that, no matter what?.....

mm i just readed what i wrote and i dont really think i am explaining it clear enuf..so i apologise if i am correct that i didnt explain clear enuf...but can i have some help, and i can try explain if someone askes a question about it mmmm

many thanks in advance