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    Default Computer locking up

    Win XP Athalon 1.3g 256k ram Latest drivers updated.

    System completly freezes when on the net after about 30 minutes.

    power button and reset button will not function must turn off from mains

    Go's ok when running a variety of diagnostics and other apps when not on the net, includinng ram tests

    Tried a new PCI modem still has same problem

    any sugestions appreciated


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    Default Re: Computer locking up

    i would check for spyware first. adware6 is quite good. also check firewalls and what apps are connecting to the net.

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    Default Re: Computer locking up

    it happens with a clean reinstall using the everex reinstall cd's annd no other software loaded ;-(

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    Default Re: Computer locking up

    >everex reinstall cd's

    i assume thats your pc manafactures recovery cd's. however it wouldn't be the first time i've seen spyware bundled in restore disks.

    have you done all the MS updates ??

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    My money would be on the CPU otherwise you'd get a crash dump.

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    You could try moving you modem to another PCI slot. This changes its hexadecimal address range & interrupt handlers.

    When your PC freezes up, try holding the power button in for up to 10 seconds instead of turning it off at the wall. It should power off after 6 seconds.

    You may be getting component shut down due to overheating. If you have monitoring software, check your systems temperature regularly. If yo don't, try physically earthing yourself first & touching the various chips inside your PC. Be careful to only touch the ceramic cases of the chips, not the terminals. If all chips cool or warm, all is OK, but if one is quite hot, then this may be the culprit. I do this when running a burn in test for the first hour or so to make sure the system is getting enough cooling.

    Sometimes a power supply is at fault. If your system is starving for power, it will freeze or become unstable. The more power connectors you have in use, the closer your PSU is to beinhg maxed out. You should have a minimum of 300W

    Another possibility is your RAM. If you have a cheap variety of RAM, it may be functional but not fully compatible with your system. If you are using on-board graphics, then RAM issues can be more common. Running a system benchmark continually will generally show up memory faults. Download Gotest.exe from this location & try running it continually until you get an error. The download version is rather shaved down, but still suitable for burn in tests. If it doesn't play, your media player settings will need to be changed. It should fill your screen with many running programs while running a HDD speed test in the foreground & playing an MP3 in the background.

    Try slowing your memory timings in your BIOS or disabling the advanced features of your motherboard. Better still use the setup defaults or whatever option other than performance is available & try again. If this woirks, try raising the performance of one feature at a time to ID the offending point. There are many things you can do in your bios to aid troubleshooting. Consult your motherboard manual for more details about each setting, but try specifically;
    the setup defaults
    slowing your CAS latency timing (higher number is slower)
    disabling video and system cache
    check what is "displayed first" , AGP or PCI. If you have AGP, set it to AGP.
    Change PNP OS to Non PNP OS or visa versa
    Set a value in the "spread Sprectum" (acts like a capacitor for overclocking to swamp stray signals)

    Have fun.

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    Default Re: Computer locking up

    I forgot to say, check out your system logs under event viewer. Can be found from the control panel under the management console. They can alert you as to a fault you would otherwise be totally ignorant of.

    Mike P

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    Default Re: Computer locking up

    Thanks for the detailed reply

    I have checked the logs and it seems that when the lockups occour the log shows 4 ACPI errors two with event 4 two with event 5

    Dunno if this could be the problem??

    I have loaded the bios with failsafe settings instead of optomised

    Last night it locked up while just running idle so the modem may be a red herring

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    Though you haven't given the specs of your motherboard, I would guess you have a VIA chipset?, possibly even a VIA board? Make doubly sure you have the latest VIA 4 in 1 Service pack installed. The current version is 4.45 available from

    The faults with the ACPI errors may have been reported by other users with the same board/chipset. The only way to find out is to search for yourself. If your motherboard/chipset manufacturer has a bios upgrade, check out the details of what improvements it makes & apply it.

    Use the criteria "ACPI error event 4 5" along with your motherboard model number to see if there are any other postings worldwide. If you find even one, contact your motherboard manufacturer directly, as well as your retailer & ask them how to contact their supplier. Normally, the more responses a manufacturer gets about a particular problem, the quicker they get on to writing a fix if they don't already have one.

    I have had success by following the procedure above & in addition to that, repeatedly emailing a manufacturer every 2 days & they sent me via email the upgrade, as well as posting it to their website.

    It helps when you have a number of system builders & resellers communicating the same problem to the manufacturer.

    Remember, the hinge that squeaks loudest gets oiled first.

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